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Aaron Fiorentino
Attorney at Law
Suite G103

Adam Hoffman
Attorney at Law
Suite G104
Phone: (254) 714-0750

American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas
Phone: (254) 297-2777
Email: contactus@americanamicable.com

Associated Court Reporters
Jayne Clark, Owner
Suite 2102
Phone: (254) 753-3330
Email: jayne@acrtx.com

Attorney Civil Process Service
Mike Clark
Suite 2102
Phone: (254) 755-6447
Toll Free: (800) 340-5881
Email: mikec@acrtx.com

Attorneys at Law
Suite 2200
Colin H. O'Neil
Angus E. McSwain
Keith Dorsett
David W. Dumas
Dan N. MacLemore
Of Counsel: John W. Fulbright
Of Counsel: Sherwin Winniford
P.O. Box 445
Waco, Tx 76703
Phone: (254) 776-6000
Fax: (254) 776-8555
Email: leianne@fulbrightlaw.com

Mr. Roof
John Loden
Suite 1205
Phone: 1-866-999-6776
Email: mr.roof@ymail.com

Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina
Phone: (254) 297-2775
Email: contactus@occidentallife.com

Penn Global
Daniel Guerra
Scott Widell
Suite 401
Phone: (214) 357-9353

Pioneer American Insurance Company
Phone: (254) 297-2776
Email: contactus@pioneeramerican.com

Pioneer Security Life Insurance Company
Phone: (254) 297-2778
Email: contactus@pioneersecuritylife.com

Prometheus Wealth Management
Michael A. Kamperman
Suite 2114
Phone: (254) 755-8225
Cell: (254) 855-3525

Russell Hunt, Sr.
Attorney at Law
Suite 1202
Phone: (254) 753-3738
Email: rhuntatty@aol.com